Copying Page Settings In Portrait Auto Flow

If you want all your pages to layout the same, or if you just want to copy one teachers page to another teacher, you can COPY the Settings.


1.  Open your Portrait Auto Flow Page.  

2.  Click on the layout button by the class you want to work on.

3.  On the top, you will see "Copy Settings From" and a drop down bar, chose which class you want to copy the settings from. The page will then change to the other class settings.

4.   If you want ALL the classes to be the same, click Copy These Settings To All Sections.

5.   A box will ask you to confirm you are sure you want to copy the settings to all the other pages.  If so, click OK.

6.  Then, turn all the pages ON and then Close and Update.

7.  The pages will Auto Flow into your yearbook.

8.  All your pages will be in your layout!





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