Downloading the Portrait Importer for PCs

1. Log in and select Yearbook.

2. Select #4 Auto-Portraits.

3. Click on Download Auto Portrait Importer button.

4. Click on the Download Auto Portrait Importer button in this screen.


5. Once the Importer is downloaded you need to install and run it. Locate the file you just downloaded. If you are not sure where it may have been downloaded, you can search your files for TRImporter. Click on the file to begin the installation process. 

Note: On certain versions of Windows and Mac OS you need Administration rights on your computer to install.

Note: If the program will not download from the TreeRing site and you are on a school computer and network, check with your I.T. department to have them assist you. This may be due to security settings with your school's network. 

6. Select Continue to install the application.

7. Allow the Importer to be installed. Once installed the Importer will automatically start.  Sign in using your user email and password.

8. Welcome to TreeRing Portrait Importer. From the dropdowns select your school and the school year. Click on the Get Started button.

9. Select the Location of Your Index.txt File. Insert the PSPA Photographer CD into your computer and click Locate Index.txt.

10. Navigate to the CD/DVD Drive on your computer and find the Index file. Double click on it or select Open.

11. Select how you would like your portraits to be organized:  None, Grade, or Teacher. Click Next.

Note:  If you choose None or the photographer CD does not include data for the grouping you select, your portraits will be uploaded into a single selection and will not be sorted by grade or teacher.

12. Your portraits will begin importing. The Importer will show you the progress of the import. Once complete, click on Finish and sign into your TreeRing account.

13. After signing in, select #4 Auto-Portraits to view and manage your portrait sections.


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