Increasing Your Yearbook's Page Count

If you need more pages added to your yearbook, you can now increase your page count via your Chief Editor dashboard. 

A couple of things to keep in mind before proceeding: 

- You must be a Chief Editor to do this.
- Each two page spread will cost $0.50 (pages may only be added in multiples of two).
- If you have sold any yearbooks prior to adding the pages, an invoice will be applied to your account and must be paid before you will be able to go to print ready. You can pay the invoice in three ways: online, mail, and now with the fundraiser your school has earned!

To pay for your invoice, follow these simple steps:

How can I pay for my invoice

1.  From your home page, go to your 'Dashboard'. (If you are not sure where the home page is you may click on the TreeRing logo in the top left corner of the screen.)

 2.   Next select 'Book Details'

3.  Here you will see 'Core Book Pages', click on the drop down menu and select the amount of pages you wish to add

4. Now you will see a 'Page Count Increase' box appear and you will need to select the 'Increase Pages' button to apply the change

(If you do not wish to apply the change you may simply exit out of the box or click cancel and nothing will change)

5. If there are any orders that have been placed, an invoice will be generated for the price difference. The invoice can be found under 'Invoice Orders' when choosing 'People/Orders' from your homescreen

You can click on the order number to see the details of the invoice





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