VIDEO: Adding Memories, Signatures, Bling, and Photos


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    Nancy Macari

    I am parent and I purchased my daughter's yearbook online. I believe that I am okay with that. I tried adding memories but I didn't see where I could edit them, I also didn't see my daughter's pic in the roster when I first signed in. I also didn't have the icon for badges and signatures. Please help!

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    Aaron Greco

    Hi Nancy,
    I see you were able to add lots of memories. The short answer is click on the big tab bar with the Steps 1 Buy Yearbook, 2 Add Memories, 3 Sign & Bling, 4. Add Photos and 5. Edit Yearbook.
    If you have any questions you can also give us a call at 877-755-8733

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    Cherish Chamberlain

    Hi. I am an editor for the yearbook. I can't find any of these buttons.

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    Hi Cherish - This option is for parents and students and does not show up in your editor view. Select your children and yourself from the Viewing box located on the upper left side on your homepage. You will then see the Add Memories and Sign & Bling options.