VIDEO: Turning On Auto Page Numbers in Your Yearbook

TreeRing offers auto page numbering for your yearbook. This video walks you through the process of enabling auto page numbering.


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    Jenny Rowe

    Is there the possibility of taking the numbers off of certain pages, such as the first page or on pages where the number is in a photo, like in our baby ads? We have the auto-numbers turned on.

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    Aaron Greco

    Hi Jenny,
    The short answer is, not currently. We plan to add that ability in the future though, but it won't be for this year.

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    Brad McFadden

    Is there a way to change page number color on dark pages?

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    Hi Brad - You either need to select one color for the page numbers that will work on all of your pages or on the dark pages you can add a text box for the number in a lighter color.

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    Michele Zeblisky

    Is there a way to move one page at a time? I want to move once set of class photos to an empty page but I can't seem to figure it out!?

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    Hi Michele - When using Portrait Auto Flow you need to move the pages in Manage Portrait Auto Flow. You can also add blank pages in between the sections of the portraits. Here are Help Center articles which will help you: This is how you add blank single pages: