Adding an Index of Students

We have an automated Student Index feature that allows you to:

  • View all of the students that have been tagged in photos. Note:  Students must be added to the school community and be tagged in photos that are in the yearbook.
  • View all of the students that have NOT been tagged in the yearbook. Note:  Students must be added to the school community.
  • Copy all of the text for the index and add it to yearbook pages.

To use the Student Index you must:

  1. Add Student(s) to the community
  2. Tag Students in Photos
  3. Upload Photos and Add to a Page

To view the Student Index:

1. Log in and go to Yearbook. Select Edit Settings.

2. Select View Index.

 3. Copy the text of the index to paste on a page in the yearbook.

4. You can view students NOT in the yearbook.

Tips for creating the Student Index:

1. Use a new text box for each column of the student names.

2. If the index is really large, copy it from TreeRing, paste to Excel or google sheets, and break it into the equal columns you want on the pages. Then paste it back to TreeRing into a text box for each column.

3. We will be happy to layout the index pages for you. Send a request to


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    Kelley Hays

    What if I do not create alternate pages? If a student doesn't customize, will they then just not have those 2 pages in their book (this is what I'm hoping)?

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    Hi Kelley - If you do not intend to complete the alternate pages make sure you turn them off. Check out this article to change your alternate page setting: With the alternate pages turned off and a student does not create custom pages then yes, they will have 2 less pages in their yearbook.