VIDEO: Adding QR Codes to Pages

You can add a video to your printed yearbook by using a QR code. QR codes can help bring your book to life beyond the ink and paper by providing links to videos and websites. This video shows you how to generate a unique QR code and how to add it as an image on one of your yearbook pages.

A QR code is a "Quick Response Code" that uses a two dimensional barcode to represent information, usually a website URL.

Follow these steps to add a QR Code to your page/book:

1. Create your QR code on any free QR code generator site such as or just do a web search to find another one.  Follow their simple instructions and create a QR code image with a link to a website or video on YouTube, Facebook, Vine or anywhere on the web.

Here's an example of one that points to a video on YouTube.

2. Download and save the QR Code image from the QR code generator website to your computer.

3. Upload the QR Code image to TreeRing.

4. Drag and drop your QR Code image onto the page and re-size.


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