Determining if a School Photographer's Disk is PSPA Format

Your school photographer will provide you with a disk which will include all portrait photos.  The disk must be formatted as per the Professional School Photographers of America (PSPA) guidelines in order for it to work with Autoflow. If you are not sure if the disk is formatted properly you can open the disk and view the files.

These two files must be on your disk: 

  • Images File (this file will contain the photographs of your students) 
  • Index.txt File (this file will sort the image files so that they flow to the correct location on your portrait pages)

Images File: 

The Images File contains the photographs of your students and staff. Each image has a unique name.

The Index.txt File:

The Index.txt File must be formatted in the correct order so the import of your photos to TreeRing will work. Without a correctly formatted Index.txt File you will not be able to use the Auto Portrait Importer or the photos will be imported to the wrong locations.

Here is a correct Index.txt File. Your Index.txt File should contain these elements. There may be more elements in the file but these are necessary for the import of your portraits. Sometimes the file will include the teachers first and last name.


If the disk is not formatted properly, contact your school photographer and provide the following information:

Some school photographers are not associated with the Professional School Photographers Association and do not provide a portrait CD formatted with the PSPA requirements.  The photographer does not have to be a part of the association to format a CD correctly.  They just need to follow the format that the PSPA has defined.

Every school photographer should provide a properly formatted portrait CD to their schools. The image files must be JPG or PNG. The resolution of the images must be high. 640 x 800 or higher is recommended.  (If your photographer gave you a lower resolution please contact them and ask for a new CD with the portraits at a higher resolution.)

Provide this link to the photographer so they can see how to correctly format the CD.  Getting a properly formatted CD from your photographer will enable you to use Autoflow for your portrait pages.


View a PDF of the PSPA/PSPI CD Guidelines



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