Memories: Editing, Deleting, and Making Them Private

When you are creating your custom pages you can edit a memory which has already been placed on the page.

1.  Click on the memory and the editing frame will appear.

2. Use the "Handles" on the edges of the memory to re-size. Put your cursor on the little squares in the corners or in the middle of the box. Click and drag the memory in or out from a corner to make it bigger or smaller. If you bring your cursor just outside of the corner boxes you will get an arched arrow to allow you to rotate your memory.


 3. Select the info icon to open the editing menu. You will now have the option to edit your text, add a photo, or tag a friend.


To edit text:

1. Click on the text to change your answer.

To add a photo:

1. Select Add Photo.

2. Choose where the photo is located.

3. Your photo will be added to your memory.

 To tag the memory: 

1. Click on Who's in this photo?.

2. Start typing in the name of the friend you wish to tag and select their name.

You can also change the privacy of your memory. Changing it to Private/Only Me will make the memory private so that no one else in your school community can see it.

To change the privacy of your memory:

1. From your homepage select Add Memories.

2. Click on the memory.


3. Click on the Lock symbol to see the privacy of your memory.

4. In the dropdown select Private/Only Me to set your memory to private.

You also have the option to delete your memory. Once your memory has been deleted the question will become available to answer and edit again when adding new memories to your child's account. 

Deleting a memory:

1. Click on the memory you wish to delete.

2. Select Remove this Memory.

3. Click OK to confirm that you wish to delete the memory.




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  • Avatar
    Jennifer M

    This doesn't say how to edit the memory - and make it a rectangle versus a square. I don't need to add a photo to the memory.

  • Avatar

    Hi Jennifer - The shape of the memories can't be changed. You can adjust the size but not the shape.

  • Avatar
    Christine S

    How do you get a memory to show up on either of the two pages?

    Edited by Christine S
  • Avatar

    Hi Christine - Memories can be added to custom pages the same way as adding photos. Select Add a Memory in the tray under the pages. Here is a link which will help you:

  • Avatar
    Michelle Walsh

    how do you delete the blank memory pages if you don't want to add them after all?

  • Avatar

    Hi Michelle - Unanswered Memories are not available to add to custom pages and do not need to be deleted. To answer a Memory log in, select #2 Add Memories, and click on the green Add Memory button. If you do not want to answer that memory, click on Skip Question. All answered Memories will be available to add to custom pages like this:

  • Avatar
    Kerry Roy

    I have copied pages with memories from last year in order to keep the same memories, but need to change the pictures. It will not let me change the pictures though. When I click on the info button to edit photo it opens a new main window where you select to edit the yearbook, etc.

  • Avatar

    Hi Kerry - When editing the custom pages select Add A Memory from the tray below the pages. Filter by year to find the memory. Hover over it to see the informational i located in the upper left corner and click on it. You can now change the photo or remove it from the memory.

  • Avatar
    Rosa DeMatteo

    My daughter and I had imputed her memories this evening and now they are gone. Is there any war to get them back? I've tried add them again but the memory questions at were answered do not reappear.

  • Avatar

    Hi Rosa - I have created a ticket in our customer support system so I can check this out for you. I'll contact you through the ticket.

  • Avatar
    Daun Griffen

    Is only one memory added to the book? Every time I click "add to book" it replaces the previous memory shown on the bottom of the page. Also, where is this memory shown in the book, on my page I've created?

  • Avatar
    Judy Werner

    After deleting some pictures how do I move pictures from pages 3-4 over to pages 1-2

  • Avatar

    Hi Judy - You can move a photo which is on the same page spread by clicking on the photo and dragging it to the other page. Or you can move all the photos at once by using the control key and selecting all the photos on page 2. Use the arrow key to move them all at the same time to page 1.  Check out this section to help you create the custom pages:

    Edited by Debbie