Moving a Single Page to a New Location

You can re-arrange the order of your pages by dragging and dropping the spreads around. 

Note, the inside cover first page and inside back cover will always be blank and cannot be printed on.

You will also need to know the keyboard shortcut for this feature. 

The following link will show you the shortcuts you will need to use:

How To Use TreeRing Keyboard Shortcuts

1. First you will want to select "Yearbook" from the menu. 

2. Select the page in yearbook you wish to move:

3. Once on the page you will use Ctrl+R or Ctrl+L to select the side of the page you wish to move then use Ctrl+C to copy the selection. 

4. Now you will select the page you wish to copy the selection to. Here you can use the drop down menu, or you can use the arrows to move to the page. 

5. Once on the page you will use Ctrl+V to paste to the page. 

6. Once complete you can go back to the page the selection was on and use Ctrl+R(L) and then Ctrl+X to cut the selection. 

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  • Avatar
    Lauren Augusta

    What about moving a portrait page?

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    Hi Lauren,
    You can move portrait sections around from the auto-flow list of portrait sections you can re-arrange by dragging and dropping. Here's a link to an article on how to do it.

  • Avatar
    Heather Newbold

    I tried this and the ctrl+R, etc commands are not working for me. help.

  • Avatar

    Hi Heather - If you are using a Mac you must use the Command key instead of the Ctrl key. I am using a PC and Google Chrome browser and it worked for me. Here is another article which may help:

  • Avatar
    Heather Newbold

    Thank you, Debbie! I was on the Edge browser. I switched to Chrome and it worked. :)

  • Avatar

    Great news Heather and thanks for letting me know!

  • Avatar
    Mona Cattapan

    Is there any hope that we will get the ability to move a single page including its background in the future? Right now I have a single page at the end of my yearbook that should be inserted into a section with a bunch of single pages but I will not attempt to do so as the backgrounds of all the single pages cannot be copied. Agh!