School Purchasing All Books

When a school is purchasing yearbooks for everyone at the school the TreeRing site is set up to accommodate this process.  The school should be set up as School Purchasing All Books.  You can see if your school is set up to purchase all books by checking Options in Book Details on your Dashboard.  If your school is not set up please contact customer support and we can enable this option.


By turning on this option all students and teachers listed in your school community will have a yearbook ordered for them. All of these orders will be included on an invoice. If you delete a user throughout the year, their order will automatically be deducted from the invoice. If you add a user, they will have an order added to the invoice.

You will be able to view this invoice under Invoice Orders.  You must make sure that your invoice is correct and paid in full by your All Pages Print Ready Date.  Your book will not go to print until the invoice is paid.

To see your Students & Parents list, Teachers & Others list, and Invoice Orders, select People/Orders on your homepage and then select the appropriate tab.


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    Elsa Man

    I purchased the yearbook through the school, but it show "No order for Elgin". Try to make confirm after finishing the editing, it keep asking me to pay for the book. Would you help me to fix this problem?

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    Hi Elsa - I checked your account and it shows that the book has been purchased and the custom pages have been set to print ready. Please log in to see the Status on your homepage. You can also see your orders in your account settings (click on your name in the top toolbar).