Partial Payments for Fundraiser Orders and Invoices

Partial payments can be made when you place an order and want to use your fundraiser amount but it does not cover the total order. Partial payments can also be made when paying invoices.

Partial payment for placing an order using your fundraiser:

When placing an order chief editors have the option to use the fundraiser amount that has been collected as payment. Sometimes the total amount of the order exceeds the available fundraiser amount. In this case you have the option to use the available fundraiser amount and make a partial payment to complete the order.

1. Place your order as you normally would. When you get to the Purchase screen you will see the total amount of your order along with the option to use your available fundraiser amount. Click on the check-box to have the available fundraiser amount applied to your order. The total amount will adjust accordingly. You can then select your payment method and pay the balance of the order with a check or credit card.



Partial payment for invoices:

Instead of paying for an entire invoice at once you can make partial payments. (Please note that all invoices must be paid in full by your print ready date to avoid a delay in the production of your yearbooks.)

1. Log in and select People/Orders.

2. Select Invoice Orders.

3. Select Partial Pay.

3. Enter the amount you want to pay towards your invoice and select Continue to Payment.

4. Choose Fundraiser as the Payment Method.

5. Review the Purchase Screen and if it is all correct select Pay and Finish.

6. You will be taken back to your Invoice so you can pay the balance.












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