Adding Transparent Photos and Graphics to a Page

Photos and graphics with transparent backgrounds will have to be created in a photo editing application such as PhotoShop before you can upload and use them in the yearbook.

1. Create the image with a transparent background and save it as a .gif or .PNG file. Upload the image as a photo to TreeRing.

2. When the image is first placed on the page it may not show as transparent. The frame option must be turned off. To turn off the frame, click on the image and select Style.

3. Select Frame.

4. Turn the frame option off.

5. The background of the image will now be transparent. If the background is still showing it means that the image was not created and/or saved correctly.

Using the frame to create a raised or 3D effect of the transparent image: 

1. In the frame menu, turn the frame on and adjust the visibility of the frame to supply the desired effect.

2. Once you reach the desired visibility, select the X to close the frame options.



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