Adding Transparent Photos to a Page

Prior to uploading the photos to TreeRing you want to make sure they meet the minimum requirements for use with TreeRing.  Please see the link below if you are unsure. 

What are the requirements for uploading photos?

[VIDEO] Photos: How to Add a Photo

1. You will want to make sure the transparent photo you are using is saved as a GIF or PNG file.

2. When you first place the image on the page it may not show up as transparent. This is usually because the frame is turned on so you will want to select "Style" form the menu. 

3. Select 'Frames" form the menu options. 

4. Move the on/off button to the off position for full transparency of the image. 

5. Once in the off position, you will notice the transparent view of the image.  If this dose not make the image transparent then the format of the image may not be correct or it is possible that it is coded and cannot be transparent. 

Using the Frame to create a raised or 3D effect of the Transparent Image: 

1. When in the frame menu you can switch the frame on and adjust the visibility of the frame to supply the desired effect: 

2. Once you reach the desired visibility, simply exit out by selecting the "X" and you now have a 3D effect by using a Transparent Image: 



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