Changing the Order of Photos on Portrait Auto Flow Pages

Portrait Auto Flow automatically places all photos in alphabetical order. You may want to have the photos in a different order on your yearbook pages. You can change the order of photos in Portrait Auto Flow. Adding a space or spaces in front of the last name of the person will move the photo into a different position. This will allow you to separate classes on a page and/or place a teacher assistant after the teacher in the first position.

1. Log in and select Yearbook. 

2. Click on the page spread of the class that needs the photo moved to a different position.

3. Click on any photo so that the cells turn ON. Hover over the photo that you want moved to a different position and click on the informational i

4. If you want to move a teacher's photo to the first position, click on the Is This a Teacher? button. To move a photo in front of all the other photos, add a space before the last name of the person. If you want to move multiple students to the front of the order, place a space in front of each student's last name. They will remain in alphabetical order when they move.

5. To move a student or assistant to the first position and keep the order shown above, add 2 spaces in front of the last name.

5. Now the student with 2 spaces in front of his last name is in the first position, the student with 1 space is in the second position, and the rest of the students are in alphabetical order.

You can also do this in Manage Portrait Auto Flow. Here is the link to the article for Placing Two or More Classes on One Page.

Placing Two or More Classes on One Page In Portrait Auto Flow



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