Mobile Apps: Downloading and Using the Android App

PLEASE NOTE:  The new version of the Android app was released to the Google Play Store on 1/19/17. If you have a previous version you will need to delete it and install the new version.  If the Android app still isn't working properly, some work around options:
1) Upload to Facebook folders, Google Drive or Dropbox to upload your photos from your Android device.
2) Then from a desktop you can connect your Facebook/Google Drive/Dropbox to TreeRing and access all of your photos.
I apologize it's an extra step. It has been difficult keeping up with all of the various android devices and versions. We will have a much better solution coming for next year (18/19).


The TreeRing Android App is free and is available on the Google Play Store. You can access Google Play from your Android device and download the app directly to your phone or tablet.

While using the app you can:

  • Purchase a yearbook.
  • Take photos which will upload to a personal folder in your TreeRing account. The folder will be accessible while logged into your account on your computer.
  • Set up a TreeRing account.

Note: You are not able to work on yearbook or custom pages through your Android device. You must log into your TreeRing account on your computer to make edits to yearbook or custom pages.

1. The Sign In Screen

Once the TreeRing app has been successfully downloaded, you will see the sign in screen. Enter the same sign in credentials you use to access your TreeRing account on via the website.

2. The home screen

Here you may see friend's memories and other photos that you and others have uploaded to the TreeRing site.

3. The Memories Screen

Here you can view your memories and create new ones while mobile.

4. This is the purchasing screen. Here you can make yearbook purchases directly from your mobile device. 

Steps for ordering: 

1. Select "Add to Cart". Add the book with the desired cover type (Soft or Hard). 

2. Select "Checkout".

3. Select the Shipping method (if placed before the school's deadline your order will be shipped to the school).

4. Enter payment method and submit.  

5. The Photo Screen

Here you can add a photo from your device, or select the option to take one directly within the App. If you select "Take Photo," it will open the camera for your device and you will take the photo the same way you would normally from your phone or tablet. The photo will automatically upload to the site as no further action is required once the photo has been taken. 

6. The Selection Screen

By pressing the selection button in the top right corner you can switch to your students' profiles from within the app. This is useful when you have two children at two different TreeRing schools. Any students linked to your account will show up in the grey area shown here. You can also sign out of the app here as well. 

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  • Avatar
    Mrs. K. Bush

    The students do not appear to have the option to set their Mobile Photo folder viewable to only them. How can they keep these photos private?

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    Hi Mrs. Bush,
    You've highlighted a current shortcoming of the mobile app. Currently, the photos in the mobile folder take the default privacy that the person's account has. Which can be changed in the settings from the desktop app. Any individual photo can have it's privacy changed by following these instructions:

    I recognize we need to add a privacy setting to the mobile apps as well so that it can also be controlled from there and we will soon!

  • Avatar
    Mrs. K. Bush

    Thanks, Aaron! Other than this shortcoming, our kids are really excited about the app!

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    Great to hear!!! Thanks for your understanding. So much to do, so little time!

  • Avatar
    Niki Johnson

    When students use the smart phone apps, where do those photos end up? Can I see them as chief editor? Do I need to create a shared folder specifically for mobile uploads that students can select to upload to? I'm a little uncertain as to how I'm going to use those photos once they're uploaded.

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    Hi Niki,
    We currently don't expose the Shared Folders in the mobile apps (but we will soon!) In the meantime, if the student doesn't set their photos to private then they will be in All School list when you're working on your book.

  • Avatar
    Kathy Block

    Why aren't my uploaded photos showing in my mobile folder. I have been uploading all year but now they aren't showing anywhere. privacy setting is default to "only me" and that's fine. I've waited days for them to show online and they aren't processed. Other parents are having this issue as well and it is a huge hinderance to the creation of our book! There are issues where photos say 'waiting to upload' forever too. Please let us know if there is an update or if there is a way to fix this.

  • Avatar

    Hi Kathy - Currently there are no updates for the Android app. When trying to upload photos on the app, please make sure you are in a stable, strong wi-fi, Troubleshooting steps include: Log out of the app and log back in. Uninstall the app and reinistall it. If you continue to have issues uploading photos on the app, you will need to upload them to your computer and upload to TreeRing from there. So sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    Kathy and all,
    We are planning to sunset the Android app in favor of a major update. Unfortunately it won't happen until this summer (2018).
    If the Android app isn't working properly, some work around are using Facebook folders, Google Drive or Dropbox to upload your photos from your Android device. Then from a desktop you can connect your Facebook/Google Drive/Dropbox to TreeRing. I apologize it's an extra step. It has been difficult keeping up with all of the various android devices and versions. We have a much better solution coming for next year.