Adding Previously Created Pages As Templates

Many times editors will create pages and will want to use the layout on other pages as well.  You can add these pages to your yearbook and choose to use the pages with all of the photos and text or just as a template.

1.  Log in and select Yearbook.

2.  Select Add Pages.

3.  Select My Pages.

4.  Select where the pages are located from the dropdown menu.  The choices will be the school's pages or All of My Pages.

5.  Click on the page you want and then on the green Select button.

6.  Select if you want to use this page spread as a template.  Select No if you want to keep all of the photos and text on the pages or select Yes if you just want to add the pages as a template.

7.  If you select Yes, make everything a template the page will be added without the photos.

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    Michele Owens

    Very helpful...THANKS SOOOO MUCH

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    Aaron Greco

    You're welcome Michele!

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    Elizabeth DeBoo
    I can get this to work where I can access my own pages from previous years to use as a template, but the rest of my yearbook team cannot get to my past pages. I have added them all as friends, but when they click on friends' pages, there is nothing in the folder. They have tried clicking on "all years," but it still hasn't worked. Please advise.
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    Hi Elizabeth - It is not working because you and your friends did not create custom pages last year. If you mean that you want them to access the pages which were created for the yearbook last year, then they need to go to Add Pages, then My Pages, filter by the school name, and then filter by the year.
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    Rose Horley

    Thank you!!!

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    Sloan Thrasher

    I followed the instructions here, and instead of making a template page, it took the left page, placed it on the last page (right is inside cover), dropped the right page, and now the spread before the last page/inside cover shows a preview of the correct pages, but when you click it, it shows a blank template I never selected. The original page spread I selected as a template is now gone entirely.

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    Hi Sloan - I will create a ticket in Customer Support and reach out to you there to assist you.

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    Elizabeth Turk

    when I choose to make a template I lose all formatting in my text boxes

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    Hi Elizabeth - When you get to the box shown in step 6 you need to select No, keep all photos/text. This will keep all of the photos and text when adding the page. You can then drag and drop different photos over the existing photos or delete them keeping the photo boxes. Here is an article which will help you with the photo boxes: