School Photographers and Formatting Portraits According to PSPA Guidelines

Some school photographers are not associated with the Professional School Photographers Association and do not provide a portrait CD formatted with the PSPA requirements.  The photographer does not have to be a part of the association to format a CD correctly.  They just need to follow the format that the PSPA has defined.

Every school photographer should provide a properly formatted portrait CD to their schools. The image files must be JPG or PNG. The resolution of the images must be high. 640 x 800 or higher is recommended.  (If your photographer gave you a lower resolution please contact them and ask for a new CD with the portraits at a higher resolution.)

Provide this link to the photographer so they can see how to correctly format the CD.  Getting a properly formatted CD from your photographer will enable you to use Autoflow for your portrait pages.

View a PDF of the PSPA CD Guidelines



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