Changing or Removing a Photo in a Photo Box

When adding a photo to a page there are many different ways to design and edit your photo by using the editing tools. Sometimes, after you've made all of these edits, you may decide you'd like to use a different photo, but don't want to re-do all of the edits. If you added a photo and decide you would like to remove the photo from the photo box or change the photo within the photo box, follow these few steps:

To remove your photo from a photo box:

1. Click on the page, the photo is located on

2. Click on the photo you wish to change. To the right of your photo you will see the  icon. Click on this icon to remove the current image from the photo box. All edits for the photo box will remain the same

3. The current photo will then be removed, to allow you to add a new picture


You can also change the photo by simply dragging and dropping a new photo into the photo box

To change your photo in a photo box:

1. Click on "Add Photo" below the page spread

2. Select the photo you wish to add to your page and simply drag and drop it onto the existing photo box. You will notice the photo box highlighted in green, to let you know your photo will be dropped and replace the current photo for that photo box

3. Just drop your photo and the picture will be replaced


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    Ismael Bustillos


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    Larry Davis

    how do you remove a picture

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    Hi Larry - To remove the photo from the custom page, click on the photo and select the trash can. Or if you want to keep the photo box then please see the instructions in this article.

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    Tammy Danitz

    Is there a way to swap pictures between photo boxes?

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    Hi Tammy - There is not a way to swap photos in the photo boxes. You will need to delete the photo keeping the photo box and then add the new photo to it. You can also just drag and drop the photos switching their locations on the pages.

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    Sumayah Al Dakheel

    we used a cd to upload student portrait pictures and now we cant move the photos to other pages

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    Hi Sumayah - Since you used Portrait Auto Flow for your portraits you will need to move them using Manage Portrait Auto Flow. Here is an article which will help you move the portraits to other sections so that they flow onto the correct page: