VIDEO: Chief Editor Getting Started Training Session

Missed our latest Getting Started Training session? We get it, you're busy! That's why we've created this recorded version, so you can, well, see how to get started. 

If you're new to TreeRing you should watch this video first, because we cover:

  • How to choose a yearbook theme.
  • Creating pages in your yearbook.
  • Organizing and adding photos.
  • Adding yearbook team members.
  • Inviting your school community to purchase a copy of the yearbook!

We get a lot of great questions during these training sessions, so we're listing them along with direct links to help center articles below:

  • Our school wants to make one purchase for all of our community's books, but would still like to allow parents and students to create custom pages. How do we do that? CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER


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