Adding Year in Review Pages As Alternate Pages

Year in Review and Best of the Year pages can be used as Alternate Pages. Make sure you have enabled Alternate Pages in #2 Edit Settings. You will need to use the keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste the pages.

Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Log in and select Yearbook.

2. Select Add Pages.

3. Select Pre-Designed Pages.

4. Choose which Year in Review or Best of the Year pages you want to add and Select.

5. The pages will be added to your page layout.

6. Select the page spread and use CTRL+A to highlight all page content, then use CTRL+C to copy all the content. The background will not be copied and can be changed manually after all content has been pasted to your alternate pages.

7. Select Back to Yearbook. Choose 'Alt. Pages: All School' in the dropdown above your page layout to access the alternate pages.

8. Click on the Alternate Page spread. Use CTRL+V to paste the content from your clipboard onto the page.

9. After adding all content to the Alternate Pages click on the Background tab on the lower left corner of the page spread to change the background.

10. Filter the Backgrounds in the dropdown menu. Choose the background and Select.

11. You can edit the Year in Review and Best of the Year content if you want. When you are done with the Alternate Pages make sure you set them to Print Ready YES.

12. Delete the Year in Review pages from your core book page layout. Hover over the page spread to see the trash can in the lower left corner. Click on the trash can to remove the pages.

13. Click OK to delete the pages.




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  • Avatar
    Donna Cashion

    Will y'all be offering these pages for 2015-2016?

  • Avatar

    Hi Donna - Yes, we will have the popular Year In Review pages for 2015-2016. They will be available by the end of March. All chief editors will be notified via email when they are ready!

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    15-16 Year in Review Pages are now available!

  • Avatar
    Kymm Junker

    Will you be offering year in review this year?

  • Avatar

    Hi Kymm - Yes, we will have the Year in Review and Best of the Year pages this year. They will be available the end of March, 2018.