Getting Started: Setting Up a TreeRing Account

A TreeRing account is needed for purchasing a yearbook and creating custom pages.  You will need your school's passcode to register. The school passcode is provided by your school and is included on the yearbook flyer either emailed to you or sent home with your student.

Go to

  • If you are a first time user then enter your school's passcode and select Confirm
  • If you already have an existing TreeRing account then select Log In
  • If you don't have your school's passcode then select Request Passcode

1. Enter your school's passcode and select Confirm.  On the next screen enter your first name, last name, email address, birthdate, and select your role at the school.  Then click on the orange Get Started button.

2. Select a school from the dropdown or add a new school and click OK

3. Enter the information for your student.  Middle names and nicknames are optional.  If your student's teacher is not listed in the dropdown leave that field blank. When all information has been entered select OK.

4. Confirm your student by selecting OK

5. The next few Let's Get Started! screens will help you with purchasing a book and creating personal pages.  When you customize the 2 free personal pages they will only print in your yearbook. Select Next to move to the next screen.

 6. If you would like to purchase the yearbook now (so you don't forget) just click on Select Quantities and Continue.  Follow the prompts to complete the order. Or you can click on Skip (you can always order later).

 7. We have lots of memory questions for you to answer if you want!  Once you create a memory it will be available to add to your personal pages.  Select Next to go to the next screen.

8. You and your friends will love sending and receiving Bling!  The Bling you receive can also be added to your personal pages. Select Next to go to the next screen.

9. You can also "sign" your friends' yearbooks and they can sign your yearbook! Select Next to go to the next screen.

10. Add photos from your computer, Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram to your TreeRing site.

11. If you added photos and memories in the previous steps you can quickly create your personalized pages by clicking on I'm Ready, Auto Layout Custom Pages. Or you can select Customize Later and work on them at a later time.


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