Copy Photo Style, Width & Height

You can change multiple photos so they match in Style, Width, Height or all three!

1. Click on the photo you want to match.  The editing frame will appear.

2. Use Shift and select the other photos you want matched. An editing frame will surround all of them. Select the icon for copying the styling, etc.

3. Select how you want to match the photo.

4.  All the photos selected will change accordingly. For the example below, the Style & Size option was selected.

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    Kim Smith

    Is there s way to do this across pages? I have images that I need to be the same size on different pages. Unfortunately the students did NOT use the template before they placed the photos. It is next to impossible to use the sliders to get exact dimensions on each photo on each page! In other Yearbook software we used in the past, we were able to type the dimensions in for the photo. I cannot find a similar feature here so if we cant copy sizes from page to page we could at least type in the dimensions on each pic

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    Hi Kim - Yes! You can use the keyboard shortcuts to copy photos to other page spreads. Once the photo is on the page you can drop a different photo on top keeping the same dimensions. This article will help you do this: