Setting default photo styles

If you want the styling of photos to be the same throughout your book you can set a default photo style. This setting allows you to set the default styling when adding new photos to a page. It will not affect any photos/photo boxes already on the page. You can also save additional presets for a quick way to apply styles to photos.

1. Log in and select Yearbook.


2. Select #3 Edit Styling.

3. Select Edit under Photo Styles.

Note: You can view any changes you make in Preview Image.


4. Choose the options

You can select a frame and adjust the thickness, visibility, corner, and color.

You can select a shape for the photo and add edge effects, grades, numbers, letters, shapes, and symbols.

You can apply shadow and glow effects.

You can turn the Caption option on and set a default text for all photos with captions.


5. Add the preset to the image on your page.

First, select the page you wish to add the image.

Second, select the photo and drag it onto the page. The photo is now on the page with the default settings.




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