Purchasing a Yearbook for a Previous School Year

UPDATE: You can now easily purchase books for previous years on our iPhone and Android apps!

Log into your account and you will be on your homepage. Select the student you are purchasing the book for from the Viewing dropdown. Select View All Years.

You will see all of the books for the previous school years. You can order a standard school book or a custom book.

Ordering a standard yearbook:
A standard yearbook will not include custom pages. Select All Schools' Books and you will see all of the books that your school completed.

Find the book you want to purchase and click Buy on the orange banner on the book image. Follow the prompts to complete your order.
Ordering a custom yearbook:
IMPORTANT! You MUST create the custom pages first and then buy the book. If you create the custom pages after you purchase the book the pages WILL NOT print in the yearbook.

If you previously created custom pages and ordered the yearbook
, click Buy on the book image of the school year you want to purchase. Follow the prompts to complete your order. Click View if you want to see the pages in the Yearbook.

If you did not create the custom pages and want to do so now, find the book you want to purchase. You will see the custom pages displayed (the pages will show if any editing has been done). Click View on the orange banner.

When you have completed the custom pages set them to Print Ready YES. You will need to confirm the pages. Once the pages have been confirmed follow the prompts to purchase the book.


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  • Avatar
    Vijayasaratha Jawahar

    set back to print ready(i customized my memories)pls add to my year book

  • Avatar

    Hi Vijayasaratha - For after deadline orders you must set the custom pages to print ready before you purchase the yearbook so they will print in the book. I have cancelled your order so you can set the custom pages to print ready and place a new order.

  • Avatar
    Laura Dulian

    I as a chief editor would like to reorder a previous year's yearbook with custom pages. The school misplaced the original yearbook. How can I order a student's custom page yearbook from 2015-2016?

  • Avatar

    Hi Laura - Since the yearbook is a custom book from a previous year you will need to call customer support at 877-755-TREE and place the order over the phone.

  • Avatar
    Darla Ermis

    What if I want a yearbook from a year that is not displayed? I want to get one for the 2011-2012 school year but 2012-2013 is the oldest that is displayed to purchase

  • Avatar

    Hi Darla - Your school was not using TreeRing in 11-12 so you will need to contact them to find out where to get the yearbook.

  • Avatar
    Serita Wright

    I am the Chief Editor and I have 10 customers who would like to purchase the 2017-2018 yearbook. Please advise and thank you

  • Avatar

    Hi Serita - Converting your account to the next school year to early can cause this issue. I see that you have contacted customer support to have your account changed back to 2017-2018. We will let you know when that has been done.

  • Avatar
    Alicia Gutierrez

    Hi...is there any way to order books from a previous year and have them come to the school with free shipping with our 2017-2018 order? And is there any way to use our fundraiser amount from the 2017-2018 yearbook to pay for the previous year's books? Thank you.

  • Avatar

    Hi Alicia - I apologize for the delay in responding. I looked into your account and it looks like you were able to successfully place the 2017-2018 book orders utilizing your fundraiser. Thank you.