Upgrading to a Hardcover Yearbook After Purchase

If your school has enabled the option to upgrade to a hardcover you will see this option during checkout.  If you purchased a softcover book and decide later that you want a hardcover yearbook you can upgrade the cover like this:

1. Click on your name or the gear icon in the upper right corner.

2. This takes you to your Account Settings where you can view your orders.  Click on Upgrade next to your order in the Orders section.  Note:  If you do not see the green Upgrade next to your order it means that the option is not available to you.

3.  Under Options select YES.  You will then see the cost of the upgrade.  Click on the green Select Options and Continue button and follow the prompts to pay for the hardcover upgrade.

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    Jessica Runtz

    It would be nice to have the option to choose as a school to default orders to hardcover, and then those placing orders would have the option to switch to the softcover for the lower price.

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    Hi Jessica - Thanks for your feedback! I will submit this as a feature request.