Adding Editors to the Yearbook Team and Their Roles

Building your yearbook team is important and it's easy to add new editors to your team!

1. Log in and select People/Orders

2. Select Yearbook Team

3. Click on the green Add New Team Member button

4. Enter the person's email address and click on Add. Sometimes students will not have email addresses. In this case you can add them with a fake email that will only be used as their username. They will not receive an invitation email to activate their account so you will need to use the activation link and do it for or with them.

Change Password or Get Account Activation Link for Users

5. If the person has already been added to the community as a teacher, student, or parent their name will show as matched. Select the role of a Chief Editor or a Staff Editor. Select OK and the person will be added to your Yearbook Team list.


You can now have different levels of editors on your yearbook team! Click on their name in the Yearbook Team list.

Edit their yearbook role and level and click OK.

Primary Chief Editor: A single Chief Editor who is the first point of contact for TreeRing.  We will contact this person if there is an issue to be discussed.

Chief Editor: Point person(s) in charge of everything (book details, yearbook creation, community management, orders, etc.) Chief Editors have access to all 5 tabs: Dashboard, People/Orders, Checklist, Photos, Yearbook. Since a Chief Editor has access to everything the person should be an adult.

All Chief Editors can create All Community Shared Photo Folders and Editors Only Photo Folders. They can also delete these folders.

Staff Editor: Staff editors only have access to editing the book. They do not have access to managing the community, orders, book settings, adding pages, etc. Staff editors by default can edit ANY page unless Assign Pages is turned on. Then they can only edit the pages they are assigned. This role is great for students.

All Staff Editors can create All Community Shared Photo Folders and Editors Only Photo Folders. They CANNOT delete these folders.

Restricted Staff Editor: Same as a Staff Editor except they are only allowed to add content to the pages. They can type into existing text boxes and drag and drop onto existing photo boxes. This is ideal for young students or when Chief Editors want to really control the exact layout of the book.

All Restricted Staff Editors can create All Community Shared Photo Folders and Editors Only Photo Folders. They CANNOT delete these folders.


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  • Avatar
    Michelle Ciccariello

    Doesn't tell you how to import your class or how to download the template for importing your class or where the template for that can be found. You see it once upon start-up, heaven help you if you lose wifi for a minute, because when you go back in, you can never get access to that screen again... no mention of it in the help section, just manually searching for dozens of students one at a time.

  • Avatar

    Hi Michelle - We have another article that will help you with uploading the student roster. Here is the link:

  • Avatar
    Tammy Walsh

    Is there a permission form for student editors?I noticed I will have to click that but I don't see the form?

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    Hi Tammy,
    Your district might have one they prefer to use, but here's a generic one we provide as well.

  • Avatar
    Laura Elmore

    This is not a very user friendly way to add staff. Other programs I have used let us add students by name. I wish you had a better set up for adding. Searching by name is much easier and more efficient.

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    Hi Laura,
    Sorry for the inconvenience. I completely agree with your suggestion for students that are already in the community. If you have a list of students to add our support team can help do this for you. We'll work on making it easier in the future.

  • Avatar
    Michelle White

    When the students receive the email inviting them, it takes them to a page the required them to order a book. How do they login to the site if they don't order a book first?

  • Avatar

    Hi Michelle - The link within the invitation email will take them to a screen to enter their first name, last name, email address, password, birth date, and select their role at the school. They will need to click on the orange Get Started button to move through the activation process. They can skip the prompt to order the book.