Height and Width Feature For Photos, Text Boxes, and Graphics

When you are editing your book you can now see the height and width of the items on your page. Click on photos, text boxes, and graphics and the dimensions, in inches, will show at the top.


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    Suzanne Grassell

    Sometimes I can make the photo box the size I want (trip the picture using the box). Other times it just resizes the photo box, the same on all sides - making the whole picture larger or smaller. I can't figure out why it does this differently I need independent trimming on top and sides. How?

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    Aaron Greco

    Hi Suzanne!
    - The "handles" on the top/bottom/left/right will trim and change the dimensions of the photo
    - The "handles" on the corners will re-size and maintain the same aspect ratio of the photo

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    Angie Hargrove

    I am having trouble sizing my text boxes. It will let me drag the text box, and resize the entire text box side to side, but not make it taller. I have been having a lot of trouble with this. When I try to hover over the up and down square, it just show all four arrows to move entire text box around, but not resize up and down.

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    Hi Angie - The size of the text box automatically adjusts when adding text. You can start with the small text box and it will keep adjusting to fit the text you are adding.

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    Kendra Houghtaling

    Is there any way to set the picture size so the boxes are all the same (without copying/pasting the photo box)?

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    Hi Kendra - You can change multiple photos on a page spread so they have the same width and height. Here is an article which will show you how: https://treering.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206020686-Copy-Photo-Style-Width-Height