Portrait Auto Flow Updates!

Portrait Auto Flow has been updated with these new features:

1. Blank pages can be named. Check out this article to see how to do it!

 Adding Blank Pages Within Portrait Auto Flow

2. Page content will move with Auto Flow pages. When you make changes to portrait sections and reflow the portraits this can sometimes create new pages. If you have already added candid photos and text to the Auto Flow pages, the photos and text will now move with the correct pages. Backgrounds will not move so you will need to add them back to the pages.

3. All staff editors do not have the capability to make any edits to Portrait Auto Flow.  Staff editors do not have the option to access Manage Portrait Auto Flow and they can't make edits to portraits already flowed onto the pages. If you want a staff editor to be able to make Portrait Auto Flow edits, they need to be changed to a chief editor.

4. Auto Flow pages will lock when a chief editor is making changes in Auto Flow. This is a new safety feature which eliminates pages saving incorrectly. The pages will lock with these different actions by chief editors:

  • When a chief editor is in the Manage Portrait Auto Flow making changes to the sections, all Auto Flow pages in the yearbook will be locked so that other chief and staff editors can't edit the pages. Once the chief editor is out of Manage Portrait Auto Flow and the pages have reflowed with the changes, all of the other editors will be able to edit the pages again.
  • Chief editors can lock other chief and staff editors out of the portrait pages when they are on a page turning cells on and off.  When the chief editor is done moving the portraits on the page and clicks out of the cells, the pages will unlock for the other chief editors.

  • Staff editors can work on all Auto Flow pages at the same time adding a background and page content. They cannot lock other editors out of the pages.
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