Print Ready - Setting the Yearbook to Print Ready

Whew! You have completed the yearbook! Now you must set it to Print Ready so that we know it is time for us to begin production. YOU MUST SET THE YEARBOOK TO PRINT READY! IF YOU DO NOT THE BOOKS WILL NOT BE PRINTED!

1. Log in and select Yearbook.

2. Change the Print Ready button to YES or select #6 Print Ready.

3. Are You Ready to Print? Do You Need to Make Any More Changes to the Book? Confirm that you are ready to set the book to Print Ready. Select Next.

4. Are All of Your Orders in? This includes bulk orders and parent/student orders. Do not continue with the Print Ready process if all of your orders have not been placed. Click on Buy More Books Now if you need to order more books. If all of your orders have been placed select All My Orders Are In, Continue.

5. If you set up a fundraiser you can place orders with the collected amount or have it sent to the school. Select Buy Books with Fundraiser and follow the prompts to place an order. Review the address for the mailing of the fundraiser check and edit it if necessary. Select Next.

6. If you earned some free books remember to order them before setting the book to print ready. If you order them after setting the book to print ready they will not be included in the bulk shipment and you will have to pay shipping. Order them now by selecting Place Free book order as NON-Custom Books.

7. To verify the address for the fundraiser check select Use Original Address or Use Suggested Address.

8. If you have ordered books with an invoice it must be paid before you can set the book to Print Ready. Select Pay Now to pay the invoice so you can proceed.

9. If you do not have an unpaid invoice or you paid the invoice, the next step is confirming the yearbook pages. You will need to confirm EVERY page in your yearbook. Once you have reviewed a page select I Confirm These Pages are Ready to Print.

10. Continue reviewing and confirming each page until you get to the last page. Select This is the last page to Confirm Print Ready.

11. If you created alternate pages you will need to confirm that they are ready to print.

12. Confirm Shipping Address for Your Orders. Select Next when the correct address is showing on this screen.

13. Verify the address for the bulk shipment of books. Select Use Original Address or Use Suggested Address.

14. Confirm Your Shipping Method. If you set your book to print ready on time the free ground shipping will work for you to receive the books on or before your delivery date. Select Next.

If you are setting your book to print ready late and need your book in a short amount of time you can expedite the shipping. Click on Expedited Shipping Options to select and pay for the best shipping method for you. You can pay for the expedited shipping with a credit card, check, or your collected fundraiser amount.

15. Select how do you want your books sorted when they are shipped to you.

16. Whooo hooo! Congratulations! You're done! Make sure you read all the information on this screen before you select Finish!

17. Ready to Re-sign for next year? If so, select Next and follow the prompts.

18. We would love to hear your feedback. Please take the time to complete the TreeRing Customer Satisfaction Survey and select Send Feedback.

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