Page Content Moving With Portrait Auto Flow Pages

Portrait Auto Flow creates new pages in the yearbook with all of the portraits. After the portraits have flowed correctly to the pages you can add other photos, graphics, and/or text. Sometimes after you get all the pages created just as you want you discover that you need to add a blank page or more portraits to Auto Flow. This will cause the portraits to rearrange on the pages, but don't worry! With our new Auto Flow feature, all of the content you added to the portrait pages will now move and stay with the correct portraits! Backgrounds will not move so you will have add the correct one to the new portrait pages.

1. Auto Flow pages have the red borders. Content has been added to the staff page and kindergarten pages.

2. A blank page has been added in front of the staff page. The chalkboard moved with the staff portraits and the two star graphics moved with the kindergarten portraits. The backgrounds are not an issue in the example since the portraits did not move off the page spreads with the correct background. When new pages are created by auto flow you will need to add the background.





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