Sharing Photo Folders With the School Community

Shared Folders can be shared with others in the school community.  Chief editors can share the folders on facebook, twitter, and via email.  A link to the folder can also be copied and included in an email.  The way to share Shared Folders with the school community is:

1. Log in and select Photos.

2. Select Add Folder to add your shared folder.

3. Name the folder making sure it is clearly named. Select a folder type.

Editors Only Shared Folder - Only the yearbook team will have access to this folder. 

All Community Shared Folder - All of your school community will have access to this folder. 

4. After the folder is created photos can be uploaded to it. Click on it to open.

5. Select how you would like to share the folder. You can Email, and post on Facebook or Twitter. You can also copy a link and include it in a message to your school community.

Email - Enter the addresses in the line one at a time. 

Create your message and select Send. Here is a sample of what the email will look like. Notice that the message comes from TreeRing. 

When they click on the link it will open the Photos section in their TreeRing account. They can then select the correct shared folder. Make sure your message includes the name of the folder so that they know which one to open and upload photos to.

Facebook and Twitter - Share with your friends and followers.

When you select the icon it will open take you to your Facebook or Twitter account. You will be able to select where to share and customize the invitation.

Copy the link to your clipboard and message it via text, email, or in a printed newsletter.

You may also want to consider using the email system within TreeRing to share your folders.

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  • Avatar
    Tamara Woodchek

    Is there no way to share a general link with access to all community folders? Is is only possible to link to individual folders?

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    Hi Tamara,
    No, there currently isn't a link to all Shared Folders. All users in your community will see the Shared Folders when they click on the Photos tab, but not a direct link to the Photos tab. I've added that to our list to add.