Expedited Shipping for a Bulk Order


For various reasons you may need your yearbooks faster than the normal 4 week turnaround time.  Books are usually delivered in less time than the 4 full weeks but we only guarantee the 4 week delivery date.  If you want a shorter turnaround time and the delivery date guaranteed, you will need to pay for expedited shipping. You can get an expedited shipping estimate on your Dashboard.  If you decide that you want to expedite your bulk order you will select the expedited shipping method during the print ready process.

Setting the Yearbook to Print Ready

1. Log in and go to the Dashboard.

2. On the Status tab select Estimate Expedited Shipping.

2. This is where the shipping estimate will be calculated. If you have sold books the Books Ordered will populate with that total. You can change the total and select Update to get an estimate for any number of books. The notes at the bottom of the box tell you that the days are business days and that you will have the option to pay for the expedited shipping during your Print Ready process. Payment of the expedited shipping can be made with a credit card, check, or your fundraiser.

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  • Avatar
    Elisabeth Perez

    How accurate is the estimated shipping for UPS 3day for 130 books for instance? Is it guaranteed to arrive in 10 business days?

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    Yes, we can deliver in 10 business days when expedited to 3 day shipping.

  • Avatar
    Mary Diaz

    How can I change my shipping option to 3 day shipping. We already set our yearbook to print.

  • Avatar

    Hi Mary - I will assist you on the request you submitted to customer support.