After Deadline Orders

One of the advantages of TreeRing is that your school community can purchase books at any time. Even after you set the book to print ready and the deadline for free shipping to the school has passed. These orders are After Deadline Orders.

Here is clarification on the timeline of orders and the shipping details for Before Deadline Orders and After Deadline Orders.

Before Deadline Orders

Books ordered on or before you set the book to Print Ready (which should be your All Pages Print Ready Date) will be shipped in bulk to the school with free shipping. You will receive the books on or before your Delivery Date. These dates can be found in your Chief Editor Dashboard.


After Deadline Orders

When someone in your school community orders a book after you set your book to Print Ready, the shipping of the book will be handled one of two ways. Their order will either:

  1. Be shipped to the school OR
  2. Be shipped to the person’s home

The shipping location is based on the date the person places their order. Here’s how it works:

  • If a book is ordered after you set the book to Print Ready, but before one week prior to your school’s Delivery Date, the book will be shipped to the school.
  • If a book is ordered after you set the book to Print Ready, but after one week prior to your school’s Delivery Date, the book will be shipped to the person’s home. The person placing the order will be prompted to enter their shipping address at this time.

In both cases, the person will have to pay a shipping charge.

So, please ask your front office to be on the lookout for the individual books and to get them to you so you can hand them out with the rest of the books. The easiest way to spot a shipment of TreeRing yearbooks is to look for our TreeRing packaging tape!



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  • Avatar
    Janis Rial

    If someone places an after deadline order, do we still receive the fundraising amount? Will they get charged the same amount as the initial yearbook price set by the school?

  • Avatar

    Hi Janis - The price to parents for the yearbook remains the same for all after deadline orders. The fundraiser amount is collected for the school until the book is sent to the printer. At that time the fundraiser check process will begin.

  • Avatar
    Agatha Sanchis

    How do you know who ordered it after the deadline?

  • Avatar

    Hi Agatha - In your All Orders list the after deadline orders will have an * by the order number. You will also receive an email from us alerting you to after deadline orders being shipped to the school.

  • Avatar
    Tyra Ellis

    How long after the deadline can parents purchase a yearbook? We will be starting a new school year and a parent wants to buy 2016-2017 yearbook.

  • Avatar

    Hi Tyra - There is no deadline for ordering books from previous years. Parents will always be able to log into their TreeRing account and order yearbooks from previous school years.