Getting Started for Staff Editors

Staff Editors play a huge role in the creation of a yearbook. Have fun being part of your school's Yearbook Team!

A Chief Editor will add you to the Yearbook Team. When you log into TreeRing you will see the Editor Toolbar. You don't have all the options on the toolbar that Chief Editor's have, but you can add and access Photos and work on pages in the Yearbook. You can also see the Status section of the yearbook on your homepage.

When you select Photos in the toolbar you will be able to add folders.

VIDEO Photos: How To Share Photo Folders With Students and Parents

You can add Photos to existing folders.

When you select Yearbook in the toolbar you can edit pages in the yearbook. The Chief Editor may assign particular pages for you to work on.

 You can also work on your custom pages by selecting Me in the Viewing box.

This is where you can:

1. Buy Yearbook

2. Add Memories

3. Sign & Bling

4. Add Photos

5. Edit Book

DO NOT order a book while in your Staff Editor viewing. You will not get your custom pages printed in your yearbook. Make sure you set your custom pages to Print Ready when they are complete or they will not be printed in your yearbook.

Remember that our Help Center has lots of good information for you. Click on any of these options throughout the site to get to the Help Center.


Make sure your computer has the minimum requirements to use the TreeRing site:

Minimum System Requirements to Use TreeRing

Check out this link to find great articles on Creating the Yearbook:

Creating the Yearbook Editing and Designing


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