Using Google Drive as a Photo Source

When you want to add photos to TreeRing you can now access Google Drive to get your photos!

Tips for using Google Drive:

1. If you do not see your photos from Google Photos make sure you have selected Create a Google Photos folder in your Google Drive settings. If you do not select this box the photos will just stay on your Google Drive and not move to Google Photos.

Here is a link with more information on how to enable Google Photos folders in your Google Drive:

How to enable Google Photos folders in your Google Drive

2. Sometimes editors will share their Google Photos Folders with each other.  When you do this you must share the folder to be able to Edit, not just to View. By allowing Edit, the person will be able to access the photos to upload to TreeRing.

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    Melinda Harper

    I have granted Tree Ring permission to access my Google Drive, but it only finds one folder in my Google Drive. I have more than two dozen. Any idea if there is a setting that needs to be modified on my end in order to access multiple folders in Google Drive?

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    Aaron Greco

    Hi Melinda,
    Please sign in again and try. We've seen Google time out before it returns all of the folders. Let me know if that does the trick.

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    Bonnie Cerruti

    I'm on an apple and I've tried accessing the google drive several times. All I get is spinning. Any ideas?

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    Hi Bonnie,
    Still not working? Did you try a fresh session, by signing out of TreeRing and back in? If that doesn't work try un-linking Google from TreeRing by going to your Settings (gear icon in the upper right) and click the Un-Link link next to google on the right side. Then sign out and back in and link again. Let me know if that helps!

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    Stepheni Bivin

    I'm trying to access Dropbox pictures. It displays the first few then says "image not found". Is this a treering issue or dropbox?

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    Hi Stepheni,
    Sorry for the troubles, it is most likely a timeout from Dropbox's API servers connecting to us. Please refresh the app and let me know if it still happens. Some Dropbox file systems can be really large...

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    Sue Cerrillo

    Good morning. I am having issues with uploading from Dropbox. I have read the above comments and tried all options suggested. I can see all my folders in Dropbox, I can select the ones I want, they show that the upload has started, but then I get the spinning wheel. I leave it for up to 15 minutes and walk away and nothing changes. I then have to shut down out of treering's tab because there is not option to cancel the upload. I was able to upload just 1 photo this morning to see if it would work and it did upload the one photo from Dropbox. But when I went back to do a group batch from Dropbox, that's when it froze up. Any suggestions? Thank you.


    Edited by Sue Cerrillo
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    Aaron Greco

    Hi Sue,
    Good news is we isolated it down to one image in your Dropbox folder. We're not sure what's wrong with that one image yet, but it is not an issue with the import from Dropbox. I'll create a ticket so we can talk more specifically.

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    Kay Radewan

    I am also having issues with Google, only 3 folders are listed in the drop down and they are not the folders I have my photos in. Can I add folders?

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    Hi Kay - Please go to the settings in your Google Drive and select the option to "Automatically put your Google Photos into a folder in My Drive" to be able to see your Google folders.