Auto Flow Layout Settings Now Display Real Content

Selecting a layout for your portraits in Auto Flow just got easier! Now when you select the number of photos you want on a page, the preview will display real content. You will be able to see how the actual portraits will look on a page spread.  When you change the Photos Per Page, the display will change! This is a great way to try different layouts and see exactly how they will look on the yearbook pages.

1. When in the yearbook, select 4 Auto-Portraits to get to Manage Portrait Auto Flow.

2. Click on the gear icon for Layout.

3. Select the Photos Per Page and the real content in the display will change so that you can see exactly how the portraits will look on the yearbook pages. When you have decided on a layout, select Save.

4. Back at Manage Portrait Auto Flow, select Close & Update so the portraits will flow in the new layout onto the yearbook pages.



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