Community Email Notification Settings

As a Chief Editor you can control the automatic email notifications sent to your school community. This is done by disabling or enabling the settings.

1. Log in and select Editor Tools.


2. Select Promote and Notification Settings.


3. Turn the settings ON (green) or OFF (orange). You can edit these at any time.


Promo/Purchase/Custom Pages Reminders - This setting controls the automatic emails sent promoting the yearbook, reminders to purchase the yearbook, and reminders to complete the custom pages.

Auto Extend the Custom Page Deadline - This setting controls the automatic process of extending the Custom Page Ready Date. Once your Custom Page Ready Date has been reached we will automatically extend the date one week and notify those in your school community that have not yet purchased on the morning of the original deadline. This will only be done once and can only be done if there is enough time (more than 13 days) before your All Pages Print Ready Date.  

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