Spine Wrap Effect on a Hardcover Yearbook

Wrapping the spine on a hardcover yearbook is a cool effect and easy to do. From the chart below determine the width of the spine of your book.


For each joint on each side of the spine add 0.562. For example you have a 150 page yearbook and you only want the wrap to be one joint on each side of the spine. You will calculate the dimension like this:

0.620 + 0.562 + 0.562 = 1.744

This is the dimension you will use for the next steps.

1.Select the Graphics tab.

2. Select Editable Shapes in the dropdown.

3. Drag and drop the Editable Rectangle on to the cover.


4. Position the rectangle over the spine matching the calculated dimension for the width. Make sure the rectangle is bleeding off the top and bottom of the yearbook. Select the color and the style and effects for the spine. The spine has been wrapped.


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