Alignment Tool - Arranging Page Content

You can align a group of photos, graphics, and text on a page.

1. While on the page spread click on one of the objects on the page. The editing frame will appear around the object.


2. While holding down the shift key on a PC or a Mac, click on the other content on the page. This will group all the content together surrounding it with the editing frame. You will see the Multi-Select Options where you can:

  • move the content forward on the page
  • move the content backward on the page
  • duplicate the content
  • delete the content
  • select shadow and/or glow options


3. Select Align and you can:

  • align to the top
  • align to the bottom
  • align to the left
  • align to the right
  • align horizontally
  • align vertically
  • apply even horizontal spacing
  • apply even vertical spacing




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