Reviewing All Students' Custom Pages

Chief Editors have the capability to review all students' and teachers' custom pages at any time. This is recommended so you can see all the content added to the pages and confirm that it is appropriate.

1. Log in and select Editor Tools.


2 Select People and Students & Parents. Click on Review All Student Pages.


3. You will only be able to see custom pages from books that have been purchased and edited. If custom pages have been opened by the user but not edited, the pages will show in this view. Use the print ready button to set the pages to print ready yes or no.


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    Brandon Eastin

    How do I set a default design for all the orders that did not edit their custom pages?

    In the past I created a "Bonus" spread for all the students that did not create their custom pages. I love the new interface, but I can't find this feature or any documentation stating that it was removed.

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    Hi Brandon - Sorry for the confusion! The alternate pages have been removed this year. The total page count does not include the custom pages which means that all students will get all the pages in the core yearbook and students creating custom pages will have more pages in their books.