Setting Up a TreeRing Account

A TreeRing account is needed for purchasing a yearbook and creating custom pages. You will need your school's passcode to register. The school passcode is provided by your school and is included on the yearbook flyer either emailed to you or sent home with your student.

Go to

  • If you are a first time user then enter your school's passcode and select Confirm
  • If you already have an existing TreeRing account then select Log In
  • If you don't have your school's passcode then select Click Here


1. When you enter your school's passcode and select Confirm, on the next screen enter your first name, last name, email address, birth date, and select your role at the school. Select the orange Get Started button.


2. Add your student.


3. Enter the information for your student. Middle names and email addresses are optional. Select Next.


4. Select your child's school. Select their grade and teacher and select Next.


If your child's school is not listed in the dropdown, select Add New School.


Enter the passcode for the correct school or request the passcode. When you request a passcode, a ticket will be generated in our customer support system and you will be assisted there. You can also recommend a school if your child's school is not currently using TreeRing. Select Next.


5. Confirm your information. You can add a new school year and add another student. Select Next.


Now you will be logged into your account. Take a moment to get familiar with your homepage. This is where you can:

1. Order the book

2. See your child's custom pages to edit

3. Use Sign & Bling

4. See all of the school's shared photos

5. See a list of your children

6. See all of your photos

7. Get to your Account Settings and Logout









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