Uploading Photos: Parents & Students

Before you can add your photos to custom pages, you first need to upload the photos to TreeRing.

1. Log in and select My Photos.


2. Select Add Photos.


3. Select where your photos are saved. You can upload your photos from My Computer, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


4. Select the photo(s) to upload. On your computer you can select more than one photo by holding down the Control key for a PC or the Command key for a Mac when selecting the photos.

5. Once you find and select the photo, decide if you want to share the photo with your school. Select Yes - I want to share if you want the photo to be uploaded to a shared folder. Select No - Keep 'em private if you do not want anyone else to see or use your photo.


Yes, I want to share will take you to folder options. Select the folder where the photo should be uploaded and select Add Photo.


You can tag your student, add a caption to the photo, see the photo details, and delete the photo. Select Minimize when you are done.


No, keep 'em private will not give you folder options and will take you straight to the completion box. Select Minimize.


6. You can also upload photos when you are editing the custom pages. Select Photos.


7. Use the side scroll bar to select where your photos are saved.


8. After the photo(s) have uploaded, you will see them in All My Photos. The photos can  be sorted by Uploaded Date or Date Taken.


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