BIG NEWS! Custom Pages Do Not Need to be Set to Print Ready

Previously when parents completed their custom pages they were required to set them to Print Ready. This step was necessary so that we knew the pages were ready to print in the yearbook.

In many cases parents forgot to set the custom pages to print ready resulting in missing pages in the yearbook.

Setting custom pages to print ready is no longer required. If you edit your two free custom pages they will automatically be printed in your yearbook. The “Print Ready” button is gone!

Important! Partially created free custom pages will automatically print in the yearbook so make sure your pages are complete by the deadline.

You will be able to edit your custom pages until the deadline. If you don’t want custom pages, you can disable them.

This enhancement will improve and simplify the process of personalizing your yearbook. Check out this article to learn about our new Custom Page Builder and disabling the custom pages:

Custom Page Builder

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