Adding Signatures to Custom Pages

The Signatures feature is where you can "sign" your friend's yearbook with a personal message. Signatures can be added to custom pages.

Sending & Requesting Signatures

1. Go to your child's custom pages and select Signatures.


2. You will see all of the Signatures sent to your child. Drag and drop the Signature onto the page.

Note: You can also send and request Signatures while on your custom pages.


 Note:  Signatures are attached to the child who received them. If you have more than one child at the school you will not be able to see the signatures for all of your children when doing the individual pages. i.e. If you are doing Joe's custom pages you will only see Joe's signatures. You can add all of your children's custom pages to each other's books if you want them to all have the same signatures in them.

Adding Additional Custom Pages


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