TreeRing's Guide to Helping You Finish Your 2019-2020 Yearbook During COVID-19 Disruptions/School Closures

With the massive disruptions and closures of schools this spring, Editors may be struggling with how to finish their 2019-2020 yearbooks.  Once in your students' hands, we think this will be the most looked at yearbook ever with how much time many students have spent apart from their friends.  We have some helpful guides so your students will still have the ability to get their yearbooks and share signatures even if your signing days are canceled or your school is closed.  TreeRing is here to help you complete your yearbook and get it to your students.

TreeRing will help guide you through:

  1. Shipping books to home (we can do it!)
  2. Adjusting deadline dates (no problem!)
  3. Filling your yearbook (lots of ideas!)
  4. Signing Yearbooks (can be done online!)
  5. Additional options (there's more!)

Shipping to Homes (we can do it!)

If your school will be closed for the rest of the school year, or your local social distancing mandates will keep you from being able to distribute yearbooks to your families, we have an available Ship-to-Home option.

We've always had this option, but you previously had to select this option before selling books.  Now you can turn this option on and have all orders collect a mailing address.  There's a flat rate $2.99 shipping fee (special price for this crazy year).  Any previous 2019-2020 orders will have the shipping fee waived in light of the current circumstances.  You can update previous order's ship to home mailing address from the app.  

Chief Editors can change to "All Books Ship to Home" at any time. A guide for making this change is here:

Once you've enabled your school for Ship to Home,

Changing Deadline Dates (no problem!)

If you need some extra time to complete your yearbook, no problem! You can change your print ready date by following this guide: 

Remember to review the timing of our guaranteed delivery and recommendations for Custom Page deadline dates:

Filling Your Yearbook (lots of ideas!)

We know many spring events and sports will not be included in this year's yearbook.  We have added some great blog posts to help you fill in extra yearbook pages which you may now have.  You can find our blogs here:

You may also want to use our new Recognition Ads feature to help highlight people and groups who have really helped guide your school community through this crisis.  You can even use it as a fundraiser to help your program! Our guides on Recognition Ads can be found here:

If you find yourself missing portraits of students, due to Spring Photo Days being missed, we have some ideas on how to fill in those missing spots:

Signing Yearbooks (can be done online!)

With school closures and shelter-in-place directives becoming the new normal, yearbook signing days at your school may not happen this year. Not to worry! TreeRing has had the Signatures feature available for a while now which allows students to e-sign each other's books. The instructions are easy and you can work with your parents and students to have them sign each other's books!

Additional Options

Hopefully as a last resort, but if you simply don't need all of your pages, you can reduce your number of pages.

Lastly, if there are families in your community who can no longer afford the book they purchased or you simply have no way to finish the yearbook, you can cancel any or all of your book orders anytime.  (But we hope you don't!)

We know this year has turned into even a bigger challenge for all of our Chief Editors and schools. We'll keep offering ideas and help so you can complete your yearbook. More than ever it is important to capture memories and create a yearbook for your school community. No matter when or where they get their yearbook, everyone will still love it!

Remember that TreeRing has your back!


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